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Creating A Custom Award from Lucite

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A Custom Award can be created out of lucite, also known as acrylic glass

Lucite is often used to create beautiful, customized awards. This is because when using this material, the award has to be made by hand throughout the entire process. This gives companies the flexibility to highly customize their awards. The more customization an award has, the more desirable it will become. Once the artisan has gained…

Why Recognition Awards Have a Positive Influence

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Rewarding your employees can have a huge impact on their motivation and performance at work

When an employee receives an award for recognition, it makes a dramatically positive statement. It tells this person that they are appreciated, that they have made a positive difference. One of the best ways for an employer to thank an important employee is by the giving of this award. This will also have the benefit…

Unique Recognition Awards for Customer Service Employees

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Rewarding Customer Service Awards for Employees has a huge impact on their motivation and performance at work

It’s horrific to business owners to think about what their companies will be like without their customer service team. This team handles customer requirements efficiently and quickly. This is done by finding information for customers, providing assistance, and answering their questions. And because of all of this, it’s important to recognize their efforts. Showing this…

Why Recognition Awards for the Hospitality Industry Are That Important?

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Rewarding employees is an important way to increase their motivation and performance at work

As with any industry, recognizing employees in the hospitality industry is very important to maintain great operations and to stay ahead of the competition. Any business owner in the hospitality industry can really take note of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, for instance, in how they maintain unprecedented service to their guests. The Taj…

How to Achieve Recognition with An Award

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By rewarding your employees, you ensure to increase their motivation and performance at work

With the amount of competition in businesses today, raising quality while keeping costs low is an absolute must. Especially pertinent for the smaller businesses, employee performance may make the difference in the survival of the business. One way to motive employees without excessive spending is with the use of awards. By recognizing the employees’ abilities…

Relative Stats and the Benefits of Recognizing Employees

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Rewarding employees has a huge impact on their motivation and performance at work

Research by Bersin & Associates has shown that companies recognizing their employees perform beyond and above those companies that don’t, and these companies that perform better have a 31 % lesser voluntary turnover rate. This is very important for companies because a lower turnover rate of valuable employees will assist greatly in the growth of…

What Is a Service Award?

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Rewarding employees with a service award improves their motivation and performance at work

A service award is given to an employee based on the number of years they have been with the company. The Bureau of Labor states that the average employee only works for a company for just over four and a half years. Statistics have shown that anyone born in between the years of 1977 and…

The Best Sales Award Ideas and Programs

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In order to keep your employees motivated and to give them the recognition they deserve, you can honor some of your best workers with a sales award.

Giving your employees the recognition they deserve in order to keep them highly motivated, and working hard is a key in business. Although money is always a possibility, sometimes finances are limited and it is not an option. Awards that have been customized to represent your business, and designed to make employees feel good about…

Deal Toys in THE NEW PLASTIC – Lucite

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Acrylic glass, also known as, is an often used material for deal toys

Through the progression of technology, deal toys can be made in different types of ways with Lucite. Companies don’t have to settle for the traditional Lucite slabs with a sheet embedded with relevant details of a financial deal. Lucite deal toys can be of different shapes and designs. As a matter of fact, Lucite deal…

Techniques and Materials of Deal Toy Design

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Deal toys can be made of different materials and designs depending on the matter of use.

Trying to come up with a creative deal toy by oneself can be a dilemma. For one, doing this can be a daunting task to no avail. Not to mention, trying to accomplish this can take away from the focus of the business. Also, facing the same predictable suggestions can be redundant and ineffective. Overlooked…

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