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  • Best BMX Brands

    The best BMX bike brands offer quality bikes that are designed for a range of uses, from racing to freestyle riding. From well-known brands like GT Bicycles and Haro Bikes to lesser-known names, there are a variety of BMX bikes available that meet the needs of riders at any level. So you can make an […]

  • Peloton HIIT Workouts Classses

    HIIT workouts can change your body and help you become a better version of yourself. But how can they do that? If you are curious, let Peloton tell you the secret. Peloton is a huge fitness platform. It includes HIIT exercises to help users boost their performance. In this post, we will discuss these classes […]

  • Best Peloton Yoga Classes for Back Pain

    Back pain, especially in the lower back, is a problem many people deal with when exercising with the wrong posture or sitting too much. Taking this issue as a soaring problem, Peloton provides several classes to help with the lower back. Today’s article will help you refer to some of these classes and four tips […]

  • Peloton Power Zone Training Schedule

    By putting neither too much nor too little pressure on practitioners, Peloton Power Zone exercises are personalized based on an individual’s FTP (Functional Threshold Power) scores. It is also rated as one of the most well-founded approaches to producing constant performance improvements as regards indoor cycling. This article is brought to you for further explanation […]

  • Camila Ramon Peloton

    Camila Ramón is one of Peloton’s pioneering bilingual instructors, including English and Spanish. Yet, language is not the only advantage she can show you. So how can Camila help with your workout journey? What else will you earn when joining her cycling classes? If you are curious about this energetic and talented Peloton trainer, we […]