Peloton HIIT Workouts Classses

HIIT workouts can change your body and help you become a better version of yourself. But how can they do that? If you are curious, let Peloton tell you the secret.

Peloton is a huge fitness platform. It includes HIIT exercises to help users boost their performance. In this post, we will discuss these classes in detail. So let’s follow our lead!

Does Peloton Have HIIT Workouts?

Yes. Peloton offers HIIT workouts in its running, cycling, and cardio classes. Each comes with different exercises to boost your overall fitness.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. As the name indicates, HIIT workouts include intense exercises, asking you to work at 80 to 90% of your maximum heart rate for a short time.

Benefits Of Peloton HIIT Workouts

Taking Peloton HIIT classes, you will gain many benefits. For example:

  • The exercises burn a lot of calories in a short time.
  • Intense workouts are perfect classes for losing weight.
  • HIIT can help you build your muscles.
  • Your oxygen consumption will improve.

Best Peloton HIIT Classes

You can choose HIIT cardio, cycling, and running classes on Peloton. Let’s see what you can get from those lessons.

HIIT Cardio

Class overview:

HIIT cardio comes with full-body workouts. Each lesson often has three to four exercises with short rest time.

  • Class length: 10 to 30 minutes
  • Equipment: Workout mat
  • Recommended instructors: Rad Lopez, Erik Jäger, Callie Gullickson, and Marcel Maurer
HIIT Cardio Classes

Why should you choose?

You will love Peloton HIIT cardio classes because:

  • Your entire body can work at the same time.
  • The exercises help enhance your metabolic rate.
  • You can practice with multiple exercises, such as snatches and dumbbell swings.

Recommended classes


Class overview:

HIIT rides aim to work on your rate and apply low impacts on your joints. You can try Tabata rides, the harder versions of HIIT rides.

Here are some options you have with the HIIT ride classes.

  • Class length: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Equipment: Peloton bike
  • Recommended instructors: Robin Arzón, Alex Toussaint, Erik Jäger, and Hannah Frankson
HIIT Ride Classes

Why should you choose?

HIIT Ride classes are excellent choices for your workout session because:

  • You can improve both anaerobic and aerobic fitness.
  • The rides are ideal for improving your endurance.
  • Your lower body will benefit the most from the exercises.

Recommended classes


Class overview:

HIIT run classes include lessons for your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Each lesson comes with a different work-to-rest ratio.

  • Class length: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Equipment: Peloton treadmill
  • Recommended instructors: Becs Gentry, Marcel Dinkins, Matt Wilpers, and Selena Samuela
HIIT Run Classes

Why should you choose?

HIIT run classes can help with your training session because:

  • Many Peloton running instructors are professional runners.
  • You can choose the running pace and work-to-rest ratio.
  • Your aerobic and anaerobic fitness will improve.

Recommended classes

Best Peloton HIIT Instructors

The best Peloton instructors for HIIT should be the ones that can design the lessons efficiently and give you motivation. Luckily, you can find such trainers easily. Here are our recommendations for the best Peloton instructors in this case:

How To Find Peloton HIIT Classes?

There are two ways to find HIIT classes on Peloton.

1. Search box

After signing in to your account, you can find the search box on the right side of the screen.

Find The Search Box

Type “HIIT” in the search box, and tons of HIIT classes will appear.

Type In The Search Box

2. Class type

Step 1: Choose the class category you want to join. For example, if you like HIIT cardio, click on the “Cardio” on the menu bar.

Choose Class Category

Step 2: Tap on the “Class Type” and choose “HIIT” on the drop-down menu.

Choose Class Type

Differences Between HIIT And Other Workouts

1. HIIT vs. Intervals

An interval is a period of time during which you exercise at a particular level. Depending on the goal of the session, the intensity can be low or high.

The differences between HIIT and Intervals classes on Peloton are:

IntensityMore vigorousLow to moderate
Rest ratioShorterLonger
Body activityAnaerobic workoutAerobic workout
Difficulty levelIntermediate and AdvancedBeginner
HIIT Vs Intervals

2. HIIT vs. Power Zone

Power Zone helps you work at seven zones of exertion. Then, you can achieve and maintain that zone for a specific time.

HIIT and Power Zone exercises are different in the following terms:

 HIITPower Zone
Working processHigh effort and low-intensity workEqual intensity during the workout
GoalAnaerobic fitnessIncreased speed
HIIT Vs Power Zone

3. HIIT vs. HIIT and Hills

The focus of HIIT and Hills Peloton is mainly on integrating multiple modalities to boost output as a whole.

Although HIIT and Hills classes sound similar to HIIT ones, they are two different categories.

 HIITHIIT and Hills
SpeedHigh speedLower speed but combined with inclination
CadenceHigher cadenceLower cadence but higher resistance
HIIT Vs HIIT And Hills

4. HIIT vs. Tabata

Tabata is one subcategory of HIIT. So, we can say that Tabata is HIIT, but not all HIIT is Tabata.

Both HIIT and Tabata have short intervals while getting just minimal breaks. These plans are ideal for pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Besides, the two types of exercises are beneficial for burning fat, improving your endurance, and enhancing your speed. Hence, they can assist you in losing weight.

However, the rest time and intensity level of Tabata and non-Tabata HIIT are different.

Rest timeLongerShorter
IntensityLess vigorousMore vigorous
HIIT Vs Tabata

How Does HIIT Hit Different On The Bike, Tread, And Floor?

HIIT refers to intense exercises. However, it has different approaches based on the class you take. Here is how HIIT hits the bike, tread, and floor.

Body activityLower body (mainly)Lower body (mainly)Entire body
Best for Those who want to improve speed and resistance Those who want to work on cardiorespiratory fitness and athletic performanceThose who look for a better endurance  


HIIT workouts are changing the way people exercise. These intense lessons will challenge your skills and improve them to a higher level. Then, you can achieve what you want.

If you don’t know where to start, Peloton can be a good place. Peloton instructors are so glad to be a part of your fitness journey.

For any further information about Peloton HIIT classes, please feel free to ask. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do HIIT exercises every day?

No, you can’t. You should only exercise four times a week at most. To allow your body to rest and prevent injury, treat yourself and have at least one full rest day in between workouts.

2. Is HIIT or cycling better?

Both exercises are suitable for aerobic fitness and strength. However, cycling offers higher aerobic capacity improvement, while HIIT performs better in anaerobic training.

3. Does HIIT reduce belly fat?

Yes, you can. Exercising in 30 minutes can help you burn 390 to 550 calories, making the training sessions ideal for weight loss.

4. Should I do HIIT in the morning or evening?

According to research, most people perform better later in the day. Hence, the evening is a better time for improving muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility than the morning.






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