Selecting the Right Material for Your Deal Toy

Initially, Lucite was the only material used to produce deal toys. However, deal toys have evolved to be more than tombstone advertisements encased in Lucite. The creativity of the designs and technology now allow for the creation of these gifts using a variety of materials. The material best suited for your project depends on your design needs and budget. Here are some of the more popular deal toy materials and their characteristics.


Lucite is a clear, transparent material. It is easily manipulated to create different shapes. Known for its smooth, hard surface, it is also the only material that can have an object embedded into it. The versatility of Lucite is what makes it a good material from a design standpoint.


Metal is ideal because it is a durable material. However, it does take a lot of effort and tools to manipulate the metal to achieve a desired result. Different types of metal are used to make deal gifts. Some of the metals include steel, brass, and aluminum. The design may incorporate metal with other materials, or be made entirely from metal.


Next to Lucite, crystal and glass are the second most popular material for deal gifts. Glass and crystal have a beautiful clarity. These materials are ideal for 3D etching on the surface and for tombstones with a standard shape.

Wood and Stone

What makes wood special is the fact that it can make deal toys in variety of shapes. Gifts made from this material take a bit of craftsmanship to transform wood into a work of art. The results are beautiful and will definitely leave the recipient impressed. Stone is another material that you can use for you deal gifts. It also creates an impressive deal toy. You can use it to create the entire deal or use it as a base.

The material you choose to use depends on your desired results. Working with a design specialist can help you match the right material with the design you have in mind. Regardless of the material selected, your deal toy will have a lasting impact on the recipient.

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