Why Recognition Awards for the Hospitality Industry Are That Important?

Rewarding employees is an important way to increase their motivation and performance at work

As with any industry, recognizing employees in the hospitality industry is very important to maintain great operations and to stay ahead of the competition. Any business owner in the hospitality industry can really take note of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, for instance, in how they maintain unprecedented service to their guests.

The Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Criteria and Examples

One key factor that distinguishes the Taj Hotels from others is how they recognize their employees. This organization have 93 luxury hotels throughout India and 16 more hotels worldwide. When they recognize their employees, they know that the timing to recognize employees is very important. It has been proven many times that a non-monetary award immediately given to a well-deserved employee is better than awarding him/her with a monetary award six months later. At this time, that employee may not care about being with the company for not being appreciative of his/her extraordinary work, the employee may have lost morale due to not being appreciated, etc. At least giving quick recognition without any money involved will show employees how they are appreciated, and thus, will be motivated to keep working hard for the company. This recognition will also encourage workers to work hard.

Another great observation about the Taj Hotels Resorts is that they have a Special Thanks and Recognition System (STARS). With this system integrated in their company, managers and other supervisors must recognize their outstanding employees many times to keep them happy with the company and to keep being productive for the company. And with this system being known throughout the organization, many employees definitely work hard for this awarding system.

The Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces also have a system where accumulated points are awarded to employees yearly in three areas: their own suggestions, compliments from colleagues, and compliments from guests. Even though one’s manager would be the most important factor in engagement and recognition, appreciation from peers, in this case, is powerful. In these cases, everyone would be more on their toes in work performance, and in many cases, it will be like iron sharpening iron amongst each other.

Other Key Factors to Effectively Recognize Employees

A recent study performed by MarketTools Inc. confirmed that showing a lack of sincere recognition to employees is a main cause of turnover. During the study, a solid correlation between the employee’s loyalty and the level of recognition delivered were identified. Therefore, the invested manager’s effort in getting to know employees and seeing what makes them tick to go above and beyond in performance can lead into a dramatic increase in loyalty as well as the guest satisfaction score. The positive energy will transfer from employees to guests as the guests notice how they are working proficiently in providing the best service possible for them.

Another thing to note is that leading by example is always imperative. To have employees to smile sincerely at guests, the manager must smile sincerely to the guests. Another great example to show them is to say please and thanks to the guests as well as to lend more of a helping hand to show the desire and concern of total guest’s satisfaction. Being sincere and heartfelt to employees and guests goes a long way.

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